Isaiah 25:1

O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.

Rhema words from God…revelations through the Holy Spirit as we read God’s word. (Thank you Priscilla Shirer for teaching us this through your Bible studies.)

This is one of my “rhema” words. Has been for a couple of years. It has gotten me through anxious moments as well as been on my heart in moments of sheer joy. The fact that the Lord has a plan for my life is both comforting and exciting. I tend to focus on the exaltment and praise of the Lord and the marvelous things he planned long ago.

But, today, something totally different spoke to me. A tiny prepositional phrase: in perfect faithfulness. As a believer, I (and I hope I’m not the only one who can admit this) struggle to walk with my God in a way that glorifies Him. Even with Christ within me, my sin shines through like the noon-day sun on occassion, and, when it doesn’t, I can find myself a bit prideful, which is sin shining like the noon-day sun. Viscious circles. A battle wages over every decision I make. (“Did God really say?” cries the devil.) Not to mention the voices in our culture that block out the sound of His voice, but it is when I am in His word that I can hear more clearly. Sometimes it takes a little time (like when you taste something to cleanse your palate before tasting it again to know if it is good). But eventually, when focused on Him, our eyes are opened.

That is the beautiful thing about our Savior. We get off track. We sin. We walk our own way. And yet, in perfect faithfulness, He is always with us. He doesn’t turn His back on us. Now I don’t think that God waits around on me or let’s me live however I want without discipline. But I do believe that He knows my path, and rather than destroying me as he often should, he knows I’m on my way, and He calls to me. I don’t deserve marvelous things, but He provides them. They were planned a long time ago, and I can only hope that I can learn to live more fully with Him so I can more fully recognize and enjoy them.

I encourage you to dive into the Word. If nothing else, read Isaiah 24 and 25 to get the context of this verse. While “rhema” words from God mean oh so much, it is very important to read His word as it is. There is much to be learned about the reasons for this verse. My greatest desire is for you to be able to receive your own Word from the Lord. No matter how hard we pray and expect answers, the one way I can say for certain that God can speak to us is through what He already said.

Know that he has marvelous plans for you as well, and He isn’t going to walk away anytime soon…


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