Lamentations 3:22-23

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassion never fails. They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness.

This is a very powerful chapter in the Bible. Jeremiah tells of all sorts of afflictions he is facing, but this is what he says gives him hope.

The dictionary defines the word consumed as follows:

                expended, used up, purchased for direct use or ownership, wasted, squandered, destroyed totally, ravaged, absorbed, engrossed               

Can you feel the weight of what is being said here?

If it weren’t for God’s love, we would be all of these things. Sin wastes our life, destroys our joy. And we would be so easily used by Satan, directly owned by our own evil desires. But the Lord loves us…he protects us from all of this. He has pardoned our sin as we believe on His Son. Our homes in heaven have been purchased by His blood.

But we make mistakes. Or at least I do. I lose my focus. I screw up. I forget to trust. This verse is a lifeline of sorts. All is not lost. His compassion, his mercies are new every morning. How different He is from us. If you have hurt or shamed me, the next morning I am likely to still be steaming or replaying or in the process of forgiving. But our God…He is extending mercy and compassion. He knows who we are. He knows His plan for us. I wonder how many times I should have been consumed by His righteous anger or how many times I should have been consumed by the outcome of my own flirtation with sin. But no. Compassion. Mercy. That is what greets me every morning.

The trick is living according to this word. It requires us to acknowledge our sin. We also have to acknowledge that without Him, we aren’t going to be able to “get it right” today. Then we have to accept the sweet gift of His compassion and mercy, shifting our focus off of us and onto Him and His will for our lives.

He is faithful, friends. He won’t one morning forget to extend that compassion. He won’t get mad and walk away. He is faithful, and His compassion never fails.

My prayer for you today is that you will remember His compassion each morning. I pray that you can see your sin as sin so that you know the need for His compassion. I pray that you desire to walk with Him and see your journey in the light of His mercy. Hold onto His promises, friend. He has made us for so much more…